Giving sustainably – without materialistic things. Is that even possible? Of course!
Giving sustainably is the easiest thing in the world. And it’s most likely that you won’t even need to pay much money for it.

Why do we give actually?
The idea of giving is as old as human history itself. We love to make our loved ones happy. There is nothing better than the glowing face, when you found something that makes them truly happy. But that’s where it get’s interesting: What makes them truly happy though?

Over time, holiday seasons have become such a routine, that all we do is tick off the list: This for mom, that for the sister, and this here for grandma. Oh, and for our boyfriend, we still need something for him. Let’s stop for a moment and reconsider: Why wo we want to give them something? What would make this specific person truly happy? Chances are, it’s not what they advertise so much everywhere, like the newest gadgets, a personalized mug, or a giftcard from amazon.

A while ago, Sarah’s family decided to not give each other gifts anymore. Or, at least not in the traditional sense. They only give gifts that contribute to spending time together: Tickets for trains, yummi food, movies, or board games. Because that doesn’t only make truly happy, it’s also incredibly sustainable.

Our suggestion for this year’s holiday season: Spend more time together.

Here are 15 ideas for you, to give something that contributes to spending time together:

We sorted our 15 ideas into different categories such as DIY, time, or personalized vouchers, but as you can imagine, some of them overlap though.

Selfmade food: Pralines, gingerbread, cookies, or brunch. Maybe even a whole dinner! Selfmade is always cheaper than bought. And when getting the ingredients locally and without packaging, it’s sustainable, too. Nothing is better than good food in better company, right?
Selfmade, knitted, or crochet hats, that you can take out for a winter walk together. Possible to personalize, and so practical! Sustainable is especially what can be used for a long time and very often, over and over again. Maybe you will turn the winter walk in a round if ice skating on the frozen pond?
A cooking box – you can either get it delivered, or find a recipe you like and put it together yourself. And then you cook together. Which leads us to the next catergory: time!

Movienight. Watch classics and favourites together all night. Have snacks such as popcorn ready and stream through Netflix, or hit up the local video store.
A tutorial for a skill you are really good at: knitting, crocheting, sewing, maybe programming, or baking. Teach your loved ones how to do it (this also has the awesome side effect, that you should already be able to anticipate what you will be given for christmas the following year 😉
A documentary + discussion night. Which documentaries have you been wanting to watch? Watch it together and have a discussion after: How do you feel about the displayed issue, what inspired you, what makes you think?
A boardgame: settlers of catan, cluedo, yatzi. Or just cards. Nights just fly by with that without you noticing. And suddenly the sun rises again.
Reading from a book. Giving a book is one thing. But how about reading your loves ones while sitting in front of the fireplace and eating cookies? So lovely.

Personalized vouchers
Helping out. Does the bike need some repair, or the walls a new paint job? Do it together. It’s so much faster, and the beer after much more enjoyable.
If they visit you for the first time: A personalized city tour. Not only do they get to know the city through your perspective – it’s also quite the wonderful walk through the city, when all those christmas lights and decorations are up.
A day in the spa. Do we need to comment this? Just go, and relax!
Tickets for a concert, or the theater. We don’t do that often enough anyways.

More ideas:
Tickets for the train. So that you can be together in the first place.
Help out in the animal shelter together. It’s fun, and they are always grateful for volunteers.
A reusable thermos – and then going for the first coffee together.

Now it’s your turn: What are you giving for christmas this year?