Advertising {contains test products} | Slowly but surely! – we complete our DIY series for more sustainability in the bathroom. Today you will learn how to make your own liquid soap yourself and you will be impressed how easy and cheap this sustainable alternative is.

Verpackungsmüll im Badezimmer sparen - Tipps

Sustainability in the Bathroom

The popular bathroom, filled with plastic bottles that end up in garbage after a single use. Anyone who has made the transition from conventional to natural cosmetics, can go one step further: zero waste in the bathroom. But how exactly does that work and are there really all products packaging-free? The answer is yes! And you do not have to do without anything. Whoopee!

From the daily Deodorant  over the weekly Peeling to the Detergent you can do everything yourself. Solid shampoo and soaps replace all other plastic containers. The liquid soap is replenished monthly and produces no further plastic containers. If you have any questions about the topic, please write it in the comments!

Make Yourself Liquid Soap – the Benefits

  • no toxic ingredients

A homemade liquid soap contains no toxic ingredients and is therefore good for us and the environment. The list of ingredients is much shorter than that of conventional liquid soaps. The only drawback of the soap is that your sink can look ‘dull’ after just under a week. Simply clean it once a week with a homemade vinegar cleaner and everything shines again.

  • cheaper

Who makes their own liquid soap comes by a lot cheaper than to buy some. A glass of homemade liquid soap costs about 30 cents. And we’re talking about organic quality here.

  • individual

We all want to be individually – always. Then be so individually and create your own products for home with just a few steps. These are not only damn individual by choosing their own essential oils, but also good for you and the environment.

If you want to present your liquid soap in the bathroom aesthetically pleasing, you can fill it in a Mason Jar with a soap dispenser. You can find glasses and soap dispensers, for example, at LIEBLINGSGLAS. With the discount code lauramitulla10 you get a 10% discount for your order. The code is valid until 08.07.2018.


Flüssigseife selber machen: So einfach geht es

Instructions to Make Liquid Soap Yourself

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  • 30 g soap flakes (we always grate the core soap by Sonett* small)
  • 500 ml of tap water
  • Any essential oils (max 10 drops)


  1. Heat the soap flakes with the tap water in a pot. The water does not have to boil.
    • The smaller the soap flakes, the faster they mix with the water.
  2. Wait until the soap has dissolved with constant stirring.
    • Do not stir too much, otherwise the soap will be frothy and you will not see when everything has dissolved.
  3. If necessary, add essential oils.
  4. Put in a container and allow to cool.
    • The soap is gel-like after cooling and the consistency is sometimes not uniform.
  5. After cooling, put the soap in a pot and puree with a blender or mix gently.
  6. Fill in any container for later use.