A new interview is online! This time with the Finish leather brand MOIMOI which were so kind to answer a couple questions from us. You might be interested to hear what had to say.

Why was MOIMOI established and how did you come up with the name?

I got the idea the first time I came to Finland as an exchange student. During the exchange year we studied different kinds of handcrafts that I really liked and I thought it is important to keep up old handcraft methods and knowledge when producing items. I wanted to create an option that was more sustainable.

MOIMOI was probably the first word I learnt in Finnish language and also the first one that came to my mind when I thought about a name. It was meant to be MOIMOI means “Hello, Hello” in Finnish language.

Why using actual leather from animals instead of using a different material?

We decided to use real leather because it is natural and a very durable material. Taken good care, a
leather product can last a lifetime. It is also a side product from the food industry.

How long does it take to produce a bag – from start to finish?

The whole process from tanning the leather to finishing the bag is taking around 10 weeks.

Regarding the production of a leather bag, how much water is required? By using
vegetable tanned leather less water than conventional products?

Vegetal tanning produces much less harmful waste for the nature than conventional tanning, and also the water can be reused. Unfortunately, we don’t know the exact figures of water usage, but we are working on to learn more about it. It’s important for us to evaluate our processes and improve them.

The philosophy by MOIMOI is to consume less and aim for better quality – products
that are long lasting. Do you provide a warranty for your products?

We are providing 1 year warranty for manufacturing or material defects. For us it is important that our products last long and this is why we instruct our customers how to take care of the leather and to keep the bag at its best. We include taking care instructions in all the bags and our customer service is always happy to answer any questions.

Consume less and aim for better quality.

How do you keep your production chain transparent to the customers?

Every product is telling where it has been produced and we usually get our materials from the same country as the production. Details and behind the scenes material are shown in our web and social media channels.

You are shipping your products worldwide and you also want to become better
known in Germany. Are we finding your products in local stores soon?

Yes, we believe that we can find our place in Germany. For the next year, we are concentrating in the expansion and improvement of our e-commerce service.We can for example deliver to Germany in 4 working days. But who knows, maybe during 2019 you can find us in local stores.