The 10×10 Challenge was successfully completed and mastered together with Sylvie, Anna, Cordula and Sandra. In today’s blog post you’ll find all of the worn outfits by me and you’ll get a couple thoughts and tips for the implementation of the 10×10 Challenge.

10×10 Challenge

Getting along with 10 clothing pieces for 10 days. Is that even possible? If you’re interested to find out on how the challenge actually works, you can read more in a previous blog post about the 10×10 Challenge. The goal is it to require less or get along with possessing less and to realize the Advantages of a Minimalistic Wardrobe. Also, the 10×10 Challenge could help in style finding. Through the deliberate selection of 10 garments you pick to your absolute favorites, which are not only easy to combine, but in which one feels well.

10x10 Challenge, Capsule Wardrobe

Color scheme of the garments

The color scheme of the garments was once again not very special. With the three “colors” black, white and gray the 10 selected pieces of clothing were quite colorless, but perfectly able to combine with each other. Of course you can choose a different color scheme. You may have already dealt with the Capsule Wardrobe. The Capsule Wardrobe accompanies you over the whole year – or even life – and saves you time and nerves because the pieces are very well combined with each other and so you can even save on false or fail purchases.

A Capsule Wardrobe is a minimalistic selection of your favorite clothes, all of which can be combined. A number of choices is not limited; so finally, you should decide for yourself in which number you’ll like to go with. Minimalists get along great with 15 garments, others need around 40. Sunray by The Organized Cardigan has provided a Capsule Wardrobe Planner and helps you to create your minimalist wardrobe.
If you choose a Capsule Wardrobe, Pinterest can help you immensely! Create a pin board with outfits or pieces that you liked and that are easy to combine. So you can quickly see in which direction the style and the color selection of the garments goes.

10x10 Challenge

Style finding through the 10×10 Challenge

Despite the actual great diversity of the challenge the outfits above look all very similar. Negative? Absolutely no way because that is confirms to me: I have found my style. The selected (favorite) clothes are all combinable and reflect my style perfectly.

Finding your own style is not all that easy with the wide selection of today’s clothes, cuts, colors, fabrics and trends. In my outfits you’ll realize that there are many basics in my wardrobe. Without prints and patterns I feel myself most comfortable and I don’t have to worry about whether the clothes are combinable.

Favorite look of the 10×10 Challenge

Wow. Probably the hardest, but most honest answer: There is no favorite look. How come? Because all the styles above I like equally much and they somewhat reflect who I am. I love them all – the pieces, the outfits – and I’m incredibly surprised, but also happy that I found my style 100%.

Maybe you’ve found your favorite style or look? Vielleicht habt ihr einen Lieblingslook gefunden? Please tell me in the comments!

Washing in the 10×10 Challenge

For a two persons household, washing clothes with only 10 clothes shouldn’t be a problem. With twice the amount, this is about 20 clothing pieces and with the remaining pieces, such as underwear or socks, the washing machine is filled quickly.

When you’re selecting your clothing pieces for the challenge four tops and you wear each top only twice, you’ve covered yourself for eight days. Based on the collage with the worn outfits you notice that the white blouse was also worn three times. It didn’t require any cleaning yet and was not smelly at all. 😉

Sometimes we throw our clothes into the washing machine way too quickly, even though simply air-freshening of the clothes does a miracle.

Klamotten-Challenge, 10x10 Challenge, 10 Teile für Winter

Pros and Cons of the 10×10 Challenge

Of course there are certain advantages and disadvantages of the 10×10 Challenge, which I do not want to hide from you.


  • short period for try outs
  • better style finding
  • quick compilation of outfits
  • recognizing the diversity of a few pieces of clothing


  • strong dependency on local weather conditions
  • with single person household the washing machine is not going to get full for a washing cycle

On these given advantages and disadvantages you can decide for yourself whether the 10×10 Challenge is suitable for you. Unfortunately, we can not influence the negative point of the weather dependency anyway, so that’s why you should just take a run at the challenge while keeping an eye on the weather for the upcoming days.

If you are in the mood for more, you can also try the 15×30 Challenge. The Challenge includes only 15 pieces of clothing; so basically just 5 more pieces for 30 days.