Every German has an average of 10,000 items. But still we do not have everything, right? Does it really have to be something new again? And if so, does it really have to be bought new? In the post we reveal how you can shop in a minimalistic way. And save a lot of money.

Why we should shop minimalistically

  • Saving Resources

Why buy something new when we already have it? Or someone does not want it anymore and we can take the chance to get it second hand? Do something good and save resources because they are limited.

  • Saving Money

Who doesn’t buy anything new, but second hand or let it be completely, saves a lot of money. Invest the money in time rather than in materialistic things. For example, spend a nice afternoon with a good coffee and great conversations with friends.

  • Saving Space

The apartment or the house is actually quite crowded, but you can always create something new again and again. Why? Only  buy what you really need consciously, and you will notice how much space your apartment / house can offer.

Need more inspirations or tips about minimalism? The eBook Have less & be more creates the perfect foundation for a ‘beginner’ to a minimalist life. If you just want to minimize the wardrobe, you should definitely read the advantages of a minimalistic wardrobe.

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Buy what you really need – these eight questions help

Do I really need that?

The first question often decides about the further outcome of the purchase. Do I really need that? If not, then do not buy it. You will forget the product within a few hours. If you need it, you can ask yourself another seven questions.

Does it have a function?

Should the product fulfill a function or is it ultimately just a decoration – and thus perhaps a dust collector? Materialistic things should not only look beautiful, but also have a function. We need clothes for everyday use, towels for drying, a table to work, etc. PS: The function “it looks beautiful” does not apply. 😉

Do I have something similar?

Probably, at home might be something like that? We do not have to possess the same item or the same thing twice as long as the other is still functional.

How often do I use it?

A new purchase of a product for a short time usage does not make sense in most cases. They take away space at home unnecessarily, and waste resources. When buying, be sure to  select only products that you can wear / use for a long time.

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Can I borrow it?

Products with a short time usage should never be bought new, but borrowed. After the usage, they are just lying around unnecessarily. Lending platforms such as Fairleihen allow you to borrow products for free. Get a library card for books or ask your neighbors for tools.

Can I buy it second hand?

Second hand saves resources and money. If you do not care about trendy trends necessarily, Second Hand will almost always find something. In particular, re-manufactured technology products such as cell phones or laptops can be found today on discounted platforms such as Back Market. At flea markets you can find special furniture and emphasize your own style by your own appreciation or DIYs. So do not always buy off the shelf.

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Do I use it?

Be a user instead of a consumer. Everything you buy, you should use and not because of trends or the like consume. Do not throw away food, but use it for “leftovers”, wear the clothes as long as you can, use all the cosmetics on. You will notice: you will save a lot of money if you buy something again when the product is used up.

Can I make it myself?

If you answered all questions up until here with ‘yes’, there is only one more question that could prevent you from buying. Can I make it myself? A home-made table or the homemade deodorant in the bathroom provide an individual style and save a lot of money. So before you buy a product, think about it, if you could not make it yourself?