We produce way too much waste a day and therefore in a year or even in our total life time. To be precise, even in Germany  the average household piles up about 400 kilograms of garbage or packaging waste per person a year – of that 37 kilograms of plastic waste alone. That’s quite alot, don’t you think? How about to make a resolution for the next year to produce less waste or even none at all? For a little inspiration we picked 10 sustainable products for Zero Waste. We wish you a happy and waste-free year!

Produkte für Zero Waste

Sustainable Products for Zero Waste

1 / Breadbox from stainless steel

You don’t want to buy Fast Food anymore? Then the breadbox from EcoBrotbox works perfectly for your self-prepared meals when you’re on the go. In some cases you will find that some food stores will even put their products like cheese, fruits and cereals etc. into your box to save on packaging costs. Some models are even leak-proof so that you don’t have problems bringing in to work your warm soup from home or other liquids.

2 / Drinking straw from glass

Annually over 40 billion drinking straws are wasted in Germany. These end up usually after a few minutes or even seconds in the garbage. The drinking straws from glass by Halm are a good alternative and reusable.

3 / Reusable cups

To give here some numbers: 320,000 coffee cups per hour end up in the garbage in Germany. We are the consumers and we can reduce this number. With a coffee cup by KeepCup* you can always have your personal coffee cup to your side, and therefore save a lot of To-Go-Cups and receive a discount in some shops even on your beverage!

4 / Brush from beech wood

For cleaning your own glass bottles (i.e. soulbottle) or other kitchen utensils the brush* – made from either beech wood, stainless steel or agave fibers – is well suited for that job. By using plant fibers the brush is vegan.

5 / Pot brush

For cleaning your kitchen pots at home you can use a pot brush with especially strong natural bristles by Biodora. They are ideal for cleaning heavily soiled surfaces, pots, pans and lots more.

6 / Firm deo

With the firm deodorant by Lamazuna* you can’t do anything wrong. It lasts as long as two normal deo sticks and consists out of 100% natural ingredients. That included palmarosa oil does not prevent you from sweating, but it removes odor-binding bacteria.

Did you know that it is not so hard to make your own deodorant? With our DIY Deodorant you can save a lot of money and you know exactly what really is inside it.

7 / Sustainable glass bottles

The humanity loves the comfort. PET bottles are light, Die Menschheit liebt Komfort. PET-Flaschen sind leicht, not fragile and cheap. But the true costs for this comfort go on somebody else’s account – our environment. 35,000,000,000 plastic bottles a year end up in the oceans and/or waste dumps. A sustainable alternative to PET bottles are the glass bottles by Soulbottles*.

8 / Sustainable tooth brush

We use 190 million tooth brushes a year  in Germany alone. It’s about time to get yourself a sustainable tooth brush* for example by HYDROPHIL, don’t you think? HYDROPHIL produces all their products by saving water, they’re vegan and fair.

In the blog post Nachhaltig Zähneputzen you can find further information regarding this topic.

9 / Cloth bag for your shopping

A eco-friendly alternative to plastic and plastic bags is the used of cloth bags by Original Unverpackt. The cloth bags are available in different sizes and reduce – in other words save you – the packaging waste from your grocery shopping of fruits, vegetables, bread and other foods.

10 / Make-up removal pad from cloth

These darn cotton pads we use for our make-up removal and that we always have to buy again and again. By using make-up removal pads by Lamazuna* we can stop that cycle of constant re-purchasing. The make-up removal pads, which are made out of organic cotton, can be easily cleaned or washed with the included washing bag, and are therefore reusable.

We hope we could give you some inspiration for reducing your personal waste in the next year. Write to us in the comments which product you used or intent to use!

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