Premier! First outfit for men available here on The OGNC. We’d like to think more often about our male followers and therefore, we’ll focus more on posts regarding the sustainable and organic fashion and beauty products for men. So, be ready for more the upcoming weeks.

Most of the following outfit was sponsored by Bleed Clothing – a family based company with a strong affinity for green, sustainable, vegan and fair products. Among their wonderful collection of t-shirts, sweaters, jackets, pants and accessories for men and women you’ll find a carefully selected list of chosen materials from organic cotton, tencel, linen, hemp, cork, or recycled polyester for their clothing and accessories.

“Suitable for every occasion.” – Bleed Clothing

The black polar jacket in this post consists of 100% recycled polyester and is vegan and fair produced.  Instead of using down feathers, a very cool polyester fleece by PRIMALOFT ECO® protects you from nasty winds in fall and even serves as a second layer in winter. The two zip fastening side pockets and one inner pocket are quite elegant designed and provide enough space for your phone, keys and wallet; although I usually prefer carrying my valuables in the inner pocket. Anyways, the jacket is thin and super-lightweight and brings some flexibility with it. Casual trips through the city and/or to work can be easily be done.


Jacket: bleed

Sweatshirt: bleed

Jeans: bleed

Shoes: Private




What I like about the Atlantik Sweater is not the color or the sporty look, it’s the way it feels on your skin. The chosen material of this fabric is organic cotton – like most products of Bleed Clothing – and it really feels like a second skin to you. For instance, it doesn’t feel somehow loose or too tight, but just about right for any occasion like going to work, to school, or on a rendezvous.

As a practicing minimalist – not the hardcore style like some interesting folks out there, but like a globally thinking and locally acting individual – I’d like to keep things around me simplistic and neat; and it should still be able to serve a multi purpose to me. Therefore,  I usually choose colors and pants designs that could be easily combined with other clothes and be worn on a party, a date, or even a job interview without constantly buying a new product for every specific occasion.

The Grey Active Jeans serves such a purpose to me. It’s GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard)-certified and is a combination of 98% organic cotton and 2% spandex, which gives a comfortable mobility for any situation you are in. The straight and loose cut suits perfectly for the occasion quoted above.

The shoes in the images are old, not fair, and my personal ones. Sorry. Please, don’t hurt me. 😉