A full wardrobe, but nothing to put on? Today with a fair fashion outfit you will experience the benefits of a minimalistic wardrobe that will ease your life, and so saving your nerves.

The benefits of a minimalistic wardrobe

Better style finding

It starts already when mucking out: You keep only pieces that you wear alot and love to wear. So you can quickly recognize your colour scheme and by that minimizing the risk of wearing outfits, which don’t please you probably.

Tip: Create a pinboard on Pinterest and save outfits or single pieces that you like and can be combined. So you can quickly see in which direction the style and the colour choice of your garmets is going.

Quality instead of quantity

Whoever buys cheap, buys twice. A minimalistic wardrobe should contain long-lasting, high-quality and ethical clothes. The benefit? Ethical clothes – in contrast to conventional ones – are not manufactured under miserable conditions. Keep in mind, every shirt, every trousers et cetera was sewn by a human being.
Buy less, choose well, make it last. – Vivienne Westwood
In the post Capsule Wardrobe x Fair Fashion you don’t just see how cool fair fashion is, but also how versatile such a wardrobe can be.

More space

We know them all.  The big bulky 2 meter wardrobes, but no one needs probably. A minimized wardrobe saves you a lot of space, and maybe just one clothes rail is sufficient to you. The benefit is that you always keep your overview and ultimately it is always tidier.

Less / No more ironing

Per season (spring, summer, fall, winter) one clothes rail is sufficient for one individual. The clothes, which are currently being used, fit easily on a clothes rail. From this wardrobe you can take your clothes every day. And how does this work with less ironing? The freshly washed clothes can be hung over it and let it dry for the day. This way less wrinkles occur and they can be worn the next day.

Sweater: Armedangels

Pants: Armedangels

Sandals: No Name

More time

With a minimalistic wardrobe you decide which pieces suit you and your everyday life. To aim for as many combinations as possible, it is recommended to combine them with each other. You creat your own Capsule Wardrobe and you must never think in the morning – what is how combinable.

More money

Once you have put the minimalistic wardrobe together, you do not need to buy anything for a long time. Rather invest your money in the precious time with your friends. Go out, cook together, travel or simply enjoy your nice evening.