A shooting in the living room with a hat and shoes? Sorry, the floorboards in the old apartment were just too nice and are currently very trendy anyways. Admittedly, it was too cold and rainy outside for the outfit. But hey! Don’t panic – it’s organic.

Buy less, choose well

The newcomer is the black tube from People Tree. The pants are made from 95% organic cotton and 5% spandex and is the perfect mix of stylish and comfortable. But with new purchases, you should always very carefully consider whether you really need that piece, or you just want to buy something new. If the last one is your thought put the piece aside and wait a few days. Most of the time the desire to buy disappears within a short time.

After the last pants of a fast fashion brand was disassembling itself – we are talking about holes in the bottom area and a ripped rubber band – we had to buy a new pants, which should not only serve as Sunday trousers.

Together with the black patent leather shoes the pants become suitable for everyday use and for the office. There will still be an outfit of this kind at The OGNC later, but for this indoor shooting the white sneakers from Veja were favored. Sorry! 😉


Longarmshirt: Armedangels

Hose: People Tree

Mütze: Wunderwerk

Schuhe: Veja



Don’t panic – it’s organic

Social responsibility, economic performance and the protection of the natural environment are inseparably linked for the fair fashion brand Wunderwerk. Since 2013, the wonders with their metropolitan, simple and Scandinavian style.

The current trend is increasingly towards eco and sustainable fashion. In the future there will be sustainable fashion; for example, organic cotton will be taken for granted naturally – wished by Wunderwerk.

The fabrics and yarns – which are being used by Wunderwerk – are certified according to the Global Organic Textile Standard (in short: GOTS). Wunderwerk also wants to integrate the sustainable aspects into their entire process chain. By doing so, they completely reject petroleum-based materials, such as polyester or acrylic. The hat in the pictures is made from 50% virgin wool and 50% organic cotton.