By the challenge #40tageplastikfrei we realized how much unnecessary packaging waste ends up in the garbage. Regional cow’s milk we could get without any difficulty at a bulk store in our city. Plant milk – also know as almond milk – can be quickly made at home. The recipe you’ll find in this post.

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DIY Mandeldrink

Plant-Based Alternative to Cow’s Milk

Almond milk is especially interesting for individuals with food allergies because it doesn’t contain any lactose, no soy protein, no milk protein and no gluten. The processing part works similar to regular cow’s milk. Foaming it up for the coffee or for further processing in desserts or sauces is no problem. Therefore it is a good plant-based alternative to cow’s milk.

In the European Union almond milk is not permitted the be named ‘milk’ because it’s not an animal product. Hence it may be sold under the name ‘almond drink’. 😉

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Mandelmilch Selbermachen - schnell und einfach

Almond Milk Recipe:

The preparation is very quickly and easy. The advantage is that you can decide how thick you like your milk and how much you actually need.


  • 125 g Almond (unpeeled)
  • 0,5 l Water
  • eventually dates or maple syrup for sweetening


  1. Let the unpeeled almonds soak in water over night (or at least 7 hours).
  2. Pour off the water and briefly wash the almonds afterwards.
  3. Now put the half liter of water with the almonds into a blender and blend it at the highest level.
  4. Drain the almond milk through a cheesecloth or something similar so that the tiny almond remains are collected. Take the cloth ends together and wring them out well.
  5. Fill the almond milk in any container you like and enjoy.
Always shake briefly before use as the almond milk settles slightly. The almond milk is only 2 – 3 days durable, so use up quickly.

If you like it a little sweeter, you can add dates in the blender. Otherwise, you can also sweeten it with maple syrup.

Using up the leftovers

It would quite unfortunate to throw away the tiny almond leftovers. The better if you can continue to use it. For making almond flour!

Almond Flour

Place the leftover almonds on a baking tray lined with baking paper and let it dry for 2 hours at approx. 50 ° C. Allow the mass to cool and grind it until you get that flour consistency. Keep the almond flour airtight in a container.

Mandeldrink für Kaffee Mandelmilch selber machen

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